Hazel Blackburn is a Vancouver, BC based rock trio whose huge, melodic sound stalks the darkest thickets to sink hooks into the unsuspecting.

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Previous events

Quantum Council with Without A Crown and Hazel Blackburn

The Portside Pub, 7 Alexander Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Live Acts and Red Truck Beer Present the Quantum Council EP Release show with special guests Without A Crown and Hazel Blackburn, August 10th at The Portside Pub.

Receive a complementary Red Truck Beer With a pre purchased ticket.

Tickets $10.00 in advance or $12.00 at the door (No Beer)

Hazel Blackburn - The LAST Media Club show :(

The Media Club, 695 Cambie St, Vancouver

Live Acts And Jack Daniel's presents One Sexy Chokehold with guests SERVO, Hazel Blackburn and Kownterpoint, June 17th at The Media Club. One of the very LAST Media Club shows, so get there!

Tickets: $10.00 in advance or $13.00 at the door.

Times: 8:00PM doors. 19+ to enter.

Hazel Blackburn at Sleepcircle Single Release Show

The Media Club, 695 Cambie St, Vancouver

Live Acts Canada and Jack Daniel's presents the Sleepcircle "Wasted Brain" Single Release with special guests Cloth, Hazel Blackburn, Winter Of Freedom and ZEB, May 19th at The Media Club.

Doors 7:30PM Tickets $10.00 in advance or $13.00 at the door.

Hazel Blackburn with Daddy Issues and Dirty Debbie

The Astoria Pub, 769 East Hastings, Vancouver

DECEMBER 30th some twisted bitch brings you a night of Rock and Roll debauchery at The Astoria. No its not a benefit or a charity show or a tribute it's just straight up show. With bands.Wicked awesome bands. Come see. Tickets $10 at the door

Servo Album Release with Hazel Blackburn, Nine O'Clock gun, Out Of The Nowhere

The Media Club, 695 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Live Acts Canada is proud to present the Servo album release party for their new album "Mixed Messages" with special guests Nine O'Clock Gun, Hazel Blackburn and Out Of The Nowhere

Best In Vancouver 2016 - Hazel Blackburn

The Studio, 919 Granville Street, Vancouver

Live Acts Canada and Jack Daniel's Presents Best In Vancouver Night 4, Featuring Hazel Blackburn, Redwoods, Marsalis, and Sleepcircle, October 15th at Studio Records.

7:30pm doors, $10 in advance or $12 at the door.

Album Release Show!

The Media Club, 695 Cambie St, Vancouver

Hazel Blackburn is finally releasing our debut album! We are thrilled to present our blood, sweat and tears to you all, supported by some amazing local acts.


The Live Agency and Live Acts presents The Hazel Blackburn Album release party with special guests Dead Rivals, Mitigo, The Poolsharks and MUFFDUSTERS, August 6th at The Media Club.

8:30pm doors, $10 in advance or $13 at the doors.

Free download of the new Hazel Blackburn album with Admission.

https://www.facebook.com/hazelblackburnband https://www.facebook.com/deadrivalsofficial https://www.facebook.com/MITIGO https://www.facebook.com/The-Poolsharks-127018987310466 https://www.facebook.com/muffdusters

Modern Day Poets EP Release with Hazel Blackburn

The Studio, 919 Granville Street, Vancouver

Rednyne Productions and The Live Agency Presents the Modernday Poets EP release party with special guests Hazel Blackburn, Blackout Lights and Tigerchild, February 26th at Studio Records.

$10 presale, $12 at the door. 19+ to enter.

7:30pm doors.

Hazel Blackburn's 1st Headliner!

The Studio, 919 Granville Street, Vancouver

The Live Agency and Rednyne Productions are proud to present Hazel Blackburn with special guests Sound Reinforcment, Alpha Brodega and Opposite Shore, December 4th at Studio records.

Tickets are only $10 from bands or online. $12 at the door. 7:30PM doors, 19+ to enter.

Check out this amazing lineup now: HB: https://www.facebook.com/hazelblackburnband SR: https://www.facebook.com/soundreinforcementband AB:https://www.facebook.com/AlphaBrodega OS: https://www.facebook.com/OppositeShore

Hazel Blackburn

The Media Club, 695 Cambie Street, Vancouvver

The Live Agency and Rednyne Productions presents Beautiful Disaster with Hazel Blackburn, Modern Day Poets, Blackout Lights and The Rising Heat September 26th at The Media Club.

Tickets are only $10, $12 at the door.

8:00pm doors, 19+

Sound Capture 

There is a strange place between writing and recording songs. Before you record a song, it's a living document: things change, iterations rise and fall. You can't even really make mistakes when playing because we haven't said "This is the right and only way to play this song." 

Once a song is recorded, it becomes known. It can be compared. Critiqued. It can be "wrong."

It is a funny tension we feel between writing and recording. On one had we feel pressure to have something to "show" for all of our work. On the other hand, there is something limiting about setting a song down and saying "this is how it goes." Hazel Blackburn is putting some demo recordings together right now and while we love making new things for your ears, it can be tough to set those things down and name them complete.

It is bittersweet. Almost a goodbye.

Sound Gestation - Brewmastery for Audiophiles 

Having spent the last year in a dank room cooking up a new band, we put a lot into creating our new sound. 

By which I mean, we didn't talk at all about what we were trying to sound like.

There is a peculiar kind of alchemy involved in song writing and there are as many approaches to brewing up tunes as there are musicians. So many influences flavor the process: your favorite song when you were 13, your favorite song right now, that crazy thing that happened to your friend that one time, a half remembered jingle, the perfume of memory… your ego, your city, your dreams, your exes… all the slurry in your head and detritus in your heart foam together on your finger and pen tips when you are writing.

Hazel Blackburn writes all of our songs together so the process is a triple tidal confluence: like three carnivals set up in one muddy field with all the competing calliopes, wonky gamesmanship, spilled beer and color that go along with it. We don’t plan a sound or a song, we throw our unconsciousness together and see what staggers out. Things struggle to be born, after all, whether egg-bound, or womb-swaddled and you can’t direct primordial soup, you can only be ready with a net for whatever sloshes out of the pond.

We are Hazel Blackburn. We make sounds.


Hazel Blackburn is hatched! 

Like so many other bands, Hazel Blackburn has risen from the ashes of other projects and is currently flopping around in a dark thicket, wet and gasping like a newborn snake. It was a twisted path that led us to become a three-piece: full of betrayal, witchcraft and nachos. Sometimes having all familiar roads closed to you opens your eyes to a near invisible gap in the underbrush which happens to be the only way to get where you want. Sometimes you just want nachos. 

We are somewhere in the dark now... brier-scratched with fingers bleeding... and the the glowing embers we kindle, the dark swirls of magic we craft, will soon break from our fragile shells. Soon.

Also, nachos.