A Year in Snake Charmer

When we first started recording our shows, it was as lessons to ourselves. Like every high school sports team made to rewatch the mistakes and glories of a given Saturday night, these videos were reminders of every flub, twitch and…

Fuzz Vs. Distortion - sBass Camp with Shawn 

Distortion is distortion right?  
There are many different ways to clip your signal. In Hazel Blackburn, I use a couple of FX to get a variety of distortion sounds. First off, I’m almost always clipping the pre-amp on both…


Victor on Giggles and Paradiddles

Music and comedy are two of my favourite things in the world, so it’s not a surprise that they both go hand in hand. When you think about it, music and comedy aren’t all that different. Yes there are many…

Welcome to The Brier Patch

A black night falls upon a secret garden. Witchery glides amongst the beds of thorns. The breath of a jabberwocky beats against the back of your neck.

Though the huge blocks that make up the granite walls crumble - choked…



Once. Once we hotly anticipated a new album, lined up to purchase it and spent the next weekend pouring over the art, reading all the lyrics and dissecting the liner notes. An album used to be a journey with a…


sBass Camp: Ground Control - The Pedal Board

While three piece bands are not uncommon, it’s rarer for bass to be the lead instrument in one. But what is VERY common is for Shawn to be asked after a show, “Dude… HOW are you getting those sounds?!” So…


Aural Expectations

Every time I am asked, I struggle with the choice of how to describe my role in Hazel Blackburn. I usually go with “I sing” and leave out “and play the ukulele.”
Partly I leave the uke out because it…

Sound Capture

There is a strange place between writing and recording songs. Before you record a song, it's a living document: things change, iterations rise and fall. You can't even really make mistakes when playing because we haven't said "This is the…

Sound Gestation - Brewmastery for Audiophiles

Having spent the last year in a dank room cooking up a new band, we put a lot into creating our new sound. 

By which I mean, we didn't talk at all about what we were trying to sound like…