Immortal Spacetime - Lyrical Inception

Our album Warm In The Dark has a narrative theme that explores the idea of the brier patch as it is represented in various literary works. Primarily the lyrics in Warm In The Dark tap the more subversive roots that wind through the idea of the brier patch; defeating Goliaths, hidden worlds and savvy witchery (more on that in another post). But Immortal Spacetime looks into a theme within the theme; a kind of lyrical inception that opens as an entirely different world within the brier patch. 

Written during our transition from a previous band that was working on a space-themed album, Immortal Spacetime tells a sci-fi story: a crippled space craft limps into an unexplored sector of space and discovers a utopian society who's unique cosmic ecosystem bestows immortality on its inhabitants. Bonus points to you if you can recognize which futuristic world this story line arises from ;)