1. Snake Charmer


Creeping queen of lore, nightmare as a front door
Gilded eye slits, cypher the writ
Some bucolic siege, crawling through the night weeds
None else shall pass, I am the last

Churning root and soil, burning rock to boil
Rest among the leaves, there’s no way to leave
Choked in the brier patch, darkened and warm
Comfort in the quarter, not of bricks and mortar
Nesting in the stone, shield for I alone
Open the brier patch, armor enthorned

Engines of war stymied, bereaved
Beat back the brier patch, armor enthorned
A cathedral lacquered in spears,
Awed by the bier patch, darkened and warm

Falling through a fable, more enthralled than able
Tripping out of turn, crushed among the ferns
Sound by side and side by sound
Tightly twisted mobius, round above below us
Woven like a rug, certainty is snug
Side by sound and sound by side

Phosphorescent glow, paradoxical outflow
Carpet of thorns, lattice adorned
So you seal your fate, realizing too late
You’re led astray, I’m not the prey

Everything dire to fear and conspire with once had a cradle and natal belief
Poison is all in the throat that will swallow it, toxic for one may be tonic for me