A Year in Snake Charmer

When we first started recording our shows, it was as lessons to ourselves. Like every high school sports team made to rewatch the mistakes and glories of a given Saturday night, these videos were reminders of every flub, twitch and ecstatic reverie. And it made us better. Every performer knows the disconnect between lived and watched experiences. And an objective reality projected into our safest of spaces - the kindest womb of our milieu - was a crystallization of something ephemeral and fleeting and precious. We mock and celebrate and revile and treasure one another through these viewings and it started to become something all together different. 

Good bands change over time. But great bands grow together, learn together, strive together. 

Today we posted a super cut of every live performance of our song Snake Charmer in 2016. It was born of the reflective moments we shared together: these times we spent critiquing and praising and encouraging one another. It was supposed to be a tool to perfect our live shows, but at some point it became art in and of itself. The art of self-perfection. Of buoying up those we love to create with and by extension the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. 

To watch this video is to watch an entire year of our growth together as performers. But it is also to occupy with us the smallest moments of our creative process, our greatest joys as individuals and the larger meanings of making something amazing with the people you live to create with