Sound Gestation - Brewmastery for Audiophiles

Having spent the last year in a dank room cooking up a new band, we put a lot into creating our new sound. 

By which I mean, we didn't talk at all about what we were trying to sound like.

There is a peculiar kind of alchemy involved in song writing and there are as many approaches to brewing up tunes as there are musicians. So many influences flavor the process: your favorite song when you were 13, your favorite song right now, that crazy thing that happened to your friend that one time, a half remembered jingle, the perfume of memory… your ego, your city, your dreams, your exes… all the slurry in your head and detritus in your heart foam together on your finger and pen tips when you are writing.

Hazel Blackburn writes all of our songs together so the process is a triple tidal confluence: like three carnivals set up in one muddy field with all the competing calliopes, wonky gamesmanship, spilled beer and color that go along with it. We don’t plan a sound or a song, we throw our unconsciousness together and see what staggers out. Things struggle to be born, after all, whether egg-bound, or womb-swaddled and you can’t direct primordial soup, you can only be ready with a net for whatever sloshes out of the pond.

We are Hazel Blackburn. We make sounds.